Rock Your FB Group

 Rock Your Facebook Group

You created a FB group with the hope of getting booked solid and selling your offers, but no one participates in your daily threads and no one is willing to invest money in your programs, courses or service.

In my high-quality, intensive, group coaching course "Rock Your FB group"™, I share with you my simple but proven techniques to fill up your programs without getting overwhelmed! No more struggles about lack of clients and ideas on how to attract your audience without Facebook Ads! 

The course is focused on three parts: Creating and Growing Your FB Group, Engagement and Connections, and Launching or Selling your service or low cost products. 

By implementing my strategies you can get booked solid with your own FB Group, just like I did when my group was tiny and had lack of engagement. I had NO selling or marketing skills. I could not even speak English perfectly, but I was able to generate my first sells without being pushy or sleazy... Now, I want to share my knowledge with you! Are you ready to have highly engaged FB group that brings you organic, passive income?

The Program is For You: 

The Program isn't For You: 

You are an Online Coach, a Service Provider, Marketing Strategist who works hard to build your own coaching business and have freedom in your life 

Your dream is to create a massive impact on hundreds of entrepreneurs and online coaches to reach their dreams 

Have Your Own Facebook Group or Planning to Create it 

You are NOT making money with your Group But Want to Learn Exact Strategies

You are Selling Physical products 

You are NOT a Service Provider 

You don't Have Your Own Facebook Group and NOT planning to have one 

You are looking for a magical pill and not willing to do the work

Here is What You'll Get: 

✓ 20 + intensive training videos

✓ Step-by-step strategies, tips and examples of what, when and how to create your first offer and sell it without spending money on FB Ads

✓ How to turn your knowledge into an irresistible, sellable offer that your audience wants to buy 

✓ Framing your expertise in a way that your potential clients reach out to you to buy from you right now

✓ Step-by-Step killer strategies to start making your first sales in your group without being too pushy 

✓ My Go-To successful sale funnels I used for selling my online courses with my Facebook Group before I had 1000 people in my group 

✓ Proven Content ideas to take you from ”Invisible” to SEEN in your FB Group without being overwhelmed and stressed out 

✓ Tips on how to boost engagement in your group to build a strong relationship with your members so your followers will come to you to buy your offers 

✓ Simple but fail-proof step-by-step scripts on how to create content that converts to sales and grow your list organically from scratch

✓ Find out exactly how I've sold my first group coaching program to my FB group without FB ads and generated my first $1000 in a week

✓ Duplicate my promotional method I used in my FB group to make my first $800 in 4 days and help your audience overcome obstacles they have so they would make the right decision to work with you

✓ Find out how to set your Price Funnel so you can get booked in a way that’s not spammy or sleazy but comfortable for you 

Bonuses Your Don't Want To Miss!!

Private Facebook Community where every single question will be answered. The place where you go to get feedback, support and the results you desire to have

My Exclusive Launching Strategy Checklist I use in my business to run 6-figure challenges to stay consistent and organized without pulling my hair out and losing my sanity

My Profitable Follow Up Ultimate Guide that helps me to keep my calls on track to collect testimonials and get new pay clients

eBook: "The Words & Phrases That Converts To Sales" that helps you to find perfect words and phrases for your sales page so you cannot walk away from your offers

The value of the training + bonuses $3,000 

What People Say About The Program: 

"I recently took Iryna's course, and really enjoyed it. One of the best investment I ever did! I highly recommend you check out Iryna's courses. I found her to be extremely thorough and detailed in her teaching approach and I she definitely over delivers! She doesn't just provide you with the materials, she'll connect with you and fully hold you accountable too! The amount of support and encouragement Iryna offers truly makes her a remarkable coach, and you can tell that she genuinely cares about her students. Thank you so much Iryna!!!" 

Nash Cajee/ Digital Marketer & Branding Mentor


"Don't even think twice! Your business will be so much improved because of Iryna's knowledge, expertise, and her support. You are not going to regret investing the money in the program. 

Before I took Iryna's training, I was not happy with results and outcome in my business. Her course was the best online course I even purchased. This training was the most completed and informational course I ever took. When I start implementing her tips I start seeing results..."  

Lilia Erlikh - Dergunov / LifeStyle Transformation & Health Coach


I would like to give a big shout out to Iryna Shevchenko. Not only she is the Savvy Action Taker goddess who gives her all to her clients. Her course helped me immensely! The information and the support was outstanding!! So much value! You give it your all, Iryna. I can't thank you enough in believing in me. You have a gold of heart. Thank you so very much!! 

Angela Peacock /Anxiety & Mindset Coach. Co-Owner at Don't Panic Club

Are You Ready To Start Making Your First Organic Sells With Your FB Group?

Here Are A few Reasons Why "Rock Your FB Group" is Unlike Any Other Online Course:

 Rock Your FB Group ™

Other Online Courses and Programs:

Still Not Sure About The Couse?

Q: My group is tiny and not engaged. Can this couse will help me?

Q: How much time I have to put in the training?

No worries! "Rock Your FB Group" is the perfect training for you. I cover strategies on how to create, grow and engage your Facebook group so you can sell your service or products with a short period of time.

You have a lifetime access to the course and all updates to it. You can go over the training on your own and on your free time. Implementing the work for 15-20 minutes a day will bring you positive results if you following the system and willing to do the work.  

Q: I don’t have a list. Will I be able to sell my service?

Q: What if I don't have any ideas for my first offer, course or service to pitch?

"Rock Your FB Group" focuses on selling your service or your offer to your FB Group. You don't need to have a big list. In my course I show you how you can grow your list with your group during your first launch. 

In the course, I share with you specific step-by-step strategies how I made my first $1000+ without having my signature program or any available course. Everything you need to do is to be an expert in your niche, know how you can help others and be willing to take actions.

Q: I want to take the course but I am afraid to make investment?

Q: I want to take the course but I am very busy right now

If you don't feel comfortable to invest money in the course, we created a payment plan that gives you the chance to access the training and do the work right now so you can generate your first profit from the strategies I share with you in my course

If you are willing to invest 1-2 hours a week in your business then this course would be great fit for you! The truth is we never have time, but imagine yourself, in a few weeks from now you can attract your first paying clients and have more freedom in your life without spending hours creating new content

How Do You Know If The Course Is Right For You?

You Should Join If: 

You purchased too many "must-have" courses that you lost count of, but still stuck at the same place and still lack of results you desire to have 

You are done waiting, you are ready to take action, ready to turn your FB group from a ghost town to a profitable community so you can leave your 9-5 and be a full time entrepreneur 

You don't have a list and you have limited investments and not sure if this course is right for you BUT you know that you have experience, knowledge and passion to help others and make a huge difference in their life 

You are sick and tired of buying a million online programs but want to get just one course or one strategy that will bring you real results today 

You are not confident that your knowledge and experience are worth selling or not sure how to sell your service with the price you know it is worth

Imagine Yourself: 

Leave your 9-5 job and spend more time with your family or your loved ones and enjoy this freedom every single day 

Have more financial freedom so you can travel to places you have always wanted, be a speaker on events you could not attend before, meet people you admire and stand out as an authority in your industry 

Scale up your business to make massive impact on thousands of souls and get paid while you spend time with your family watching TV or sleeping 

No more chasing potential clients, dealing with discovery calls and get denied again and again

Payment Options: 

 Iryna Shevchenko | FB Groups Expert & Marketing Strategiest 

Iryna is here,

Your FB groups Coach and Marketing Strategies. I help online coaches (just like you), and service providers to grow their list organically, build their authority and make money with FB groups. 

I came to USA 10+ years ago withiout money, language, and friends. I was working 16 h/day to survive in USA and support my mom who has breast cancer. I made too many mistakes in my business and had too many failures but after long working nights, I finally learned what to do to start and run my online coaching business successfully. Right now, I run my full time business from home and I'm on a mission to help online coaches to grow their business online from scratch!